Author: audiodef

media-sound/bristol added

Added media-sound/bristol to the GentooStudio overlay; however, it fails with a missing alsa/iatomic.h error. Will look into fixing this.

Installation update

The install tarball has been updated to fix a few issues. New installs should now have fewer install-time updates. I think I’ve paved over the few bumps I had due to upgrading from Catalyst-2 to Catalyst-3. (The software used to build the installation.) As usual, please report any issues or suggestions.

Saving older synth data “to tape” using modern DAW software

Let’s say you have an older synth that backs up its data using an external tape recorder. For example, an Akai AX80. And you don’t have a tape recorder. But you do have a modern DAW such as Ardour. I’m going to show you, using these specific examples, how to use Ardour instead of a…

Ardour: Transferring a session to a new rate

Ardour currently cannot do on-the-fly session rate conversion. So if you ever find yourself needing to permanently change an Ardour session’s sampling rate, one option is to export your tracks from the old session and import them into a new session. Perhaps your hardware changed, or perhaps you need to hand the session off to…

How It All Began

Gentoo Studio was born out of frustration with Windows drivers for my original series Mackie Onyx mixers with Firewire cards. No, I’m not flaming Windows or Mackie. But I was frustrated. I had (and still have) a Mackie Onyx 1620 and a Mackie Onyx 1640, both with the Firewire option installed. I was using Cakewalk’s…

Audio File Tagging

Need to tag some audio files after you’ve already created them? These packages can help: MP3 files: media-sound/id3v2 Ogg-Vorbis files: media-sound/vorbis-tools – use the vorbiscomment CLI command FLAC files: media-sound/flack – just run flack from CLI. It has a menu system

Audio File Conversion

You can do a simple audio file conversion with: ffmpeg -i inputfile.flac outputfile.ogg Change file extensions from example as needed.

Final January 2018 Release

The currently available installation tarball is the final official version for January 2018. Please be sure to read the January 2018 changelog before asking for help, if you run into any trouble.

January 2018 Changelog

MAKE.CONF CHANGES: PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET changed from python2_7 to python3_4. Anything needing python2_7 will be set in package.use. PACKAGES REMOVED: media-video/smplayer. VLC is the default media player for Gentoo Studio. Users wanting (s)mplayer can emerge it after install. This also helps keep the tarball size down by only having one default media player. app-emulation/wine. This package was…

x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers and rt-sources

Nvidia and rt-sources has a long-standing conflict. The current nvidia-drivers version that I can get working with rt-sources (currently 4.13.10_p3) is nvidia-drivers-381.22-r1. I am unable to compile any higher version than that against rt-sources. If anyone develops a fix for this, please let me know, so I can incorporate it into Gentoo Studio and share…