I’ve been a contributing member of the Gentoo Foundation for the past few years because of my work on Gentoo Studio.

This sadly might be coming to an end.

The Gentoo Foundation routinely cleans up the member list and removes inactive members based on whether or not members voted in at least one of the previous two elections. Unfortunately, it seems they either do not send out notifications about upcoming elections, or somehow did not notify me. I’m totally cool with however they normally do things, but I have SO much on my plate right now. I have a knee injury that has prevented me from doing any homesteading work on my homestead this year. No garden, no firewood. I’m behind on it all. Half my property looks like a wheat field. In addition, I now suspect I have a caffeine addiction – this is a real thing, as bad as nicotine addiction – and I am going through withdrawal.

I have responded to the membership cleanup email stating that I believe a mistake was made, but honestly, my journey through life has taught me that people will do what people will do. This isn’t a criticism. When you’ve been around the block enough times, it’s merely an observation with no emotional content. So I don’t think they’re going to reinstate my membership unless I re-apply, and I kind of don’t want to keep doing that. I AM as active as I can be. I WILL vote – if someone tells me an election is taking place. Or even if someone explains the election schedule to me, if there is one.

I’m not mad or upset. I don’t think anyone did anything wrong. I just can’t keep up with this on my own. I am disappointed not to be a member, though. I was enormously flattered to have had my application accepted twice, and I considered it a point of pride. I want to take a moment to thank NeddySeagoon, who opened the door for me.

But I’m just a human guy with limitations and I’m getting old enough to simply accept them.

Work on Gentoo Studio will continue regardless. 🙂