Gentoo Studio comes in two flavors: minimal and complete.

Gentoo Studio Minimal

Gentoo Studio Minimal consists of a base Gentoo install, basic audio control programs installed, no desktop environment, and no audio or MIDI software. The user installs their choice of desktop environment or window manager, and audio and MIDI programs. The “X” use flag has been set system-wide and xorg-server is installed.

Gentoo Studio Minimal is for those who want a source-based Linux system tweaked for audio production, but want to install everything else for a completely customized Linux digital audio workstation.

Installed packages:

a2jmidid A daemon for exposing legacy ALSA MIDI applications to JACK2
ALSA Plugins Extra ALSA plugins
ALSA Tools Extra ALSA tools and loaders
ALSA Utils ALSA utilities such as alsactl and alsamixer
Cadence Collection of studio control tools from KXStudio
Dhcpcd DHCP client
Eix Fast ebuild search and query tool
FFmpeg Multimedia framework able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything
Genkernel Automated kernel-building tool
Git Version control system, required to import overlays
Grub2 Boot loader
Jack Capture JACK recording utility required by some packages
Jack2 Jack Audio Connection Kit v. 2
Libinput X input device handler (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
Linux Sampler Software audio sampler engine
mlocate File searching/indexing utility
Nano Default Gentoo Linux text editor
 Qjackctl Qt application to control JACK
 Repoman QA tool for Gentoo ebuilds, required by Gentoo Studio base system
 rt-sources Linux kernel with CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch
 smart-live-rebuild Tool to check live (9999) ebuilds for updates
Ufed Curses-based use flag editor

Gentoo Studio Complete

Gentoo Studio Complete builds on Gentoo Studio Minimal to include the lightweight Xfce4 desktop environment, along with audio editing programs, an advanced DAW, plug-ins, and soft-synths. Gentoo Studio Complete is for people who just want to install Gentoo Studio with minimal fuss and get to work.


Gentoo Studio Minimal packages See list above
Ardour High-end digital audio workstation (ardour.org)
Audacity Cross-platform audio editor
Calf Plugins Set of open-source instruments and effects
Carla Audio plugin host from KXStudio
ChucK Strongly-timed, concurrent, on-the-fly audio programming language
Distrho Ports Linux ports of Distrho plugins
DPF Plugins Collection of Delphi Plugin Framework-based plug-ins
Drumgizmo Open-source cross-platform drum plug-in and standalone application
DSSI-VST DSSI wrapper plug-in for Windows VSTs (vsthost)
EQ10Q LV2 parametric equalizer
Fluidsynth Software real-time synth based on Soundfont2 specs
Frescobaldi Sheet music editor
Hydrogen Software stand-alone drum machine
IDJC Streaming audio client
Jack Rack Effects rack for JACK
Jamin JACK mastering interface
JAPA Perceptual analyzer for JACK and ALSA
Lightdm Lightweight display manager
LMMS Music production software
MuseScore WYSIWYG music score typesetter
PureData Real-time music/multimedia environment
Qsampler GUI front-end for Linux Sampler
Qtractor Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
Rosegarden Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer and notation editor
Sequencer64 Minimal, loop-based MIDI sequencer
SMPlayer Linux media player with graphical front-end
SuperCollider Environment and programming language for real-time audio synthesis
SWH Plugins Collection of LADSPA audio plug-ins and effects
USBUtils Provides lsusb, a utility needed to identify USB devices in a terminal
VLC Audio/video player and streamer
Xfce4 Desktop environment
Xfce4 Power Manager Power manager for the Xfce desktop environment
Xfce4 Terminal Terminal emulator for Xfce4

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