Tips & Tricks

This document is updated on the basis of feedback received and things I think might be useful.


You bought Ardour, but the free-from-source version comes with the Gentoo Studio installer. Before installing your paid version, simply run:

emerge -C ardour

Then install the paid version.

Audio File Conversion

You can do a simple audio file conversion with:

ffmpeg -i inputfile.flac outputfile.ogg

Change file extensions from example as needed.

Audio File Tagging

Need to tag some audio files after you’ve already created them? These packages can help:

  • MP3 files: media-sound/id3v2
  • Ogg-Vorbis files: media-sound/vorbis-tools – use the vorbiscomment CLI command
  • FLAC files: media-sound/flack – just run flack from CLI. It has a menu system

Browsers & Audio

Which browser should you use? Any browser you want. Any browser that handles sound at all should be usable via ALSA, but not all browsers have JACK support. Firefox supports JACK, but Firefox-bin does not.